Company Name RIOTEC Co., Ltd.

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RIOTEC is the professional manufacturer on barcode scanners and has more than 10-year experience in Auto-ID products. We always develop the new products for marketing needs, including 1D and 2D engine. This year, our main major focus on the barcode scanner which connects smartphone, tablet and make it became data collector easily

1. ANDROSCAN = mini barcode scanner + Scan Holder for Android OTG device use
2. Pocket Scanner = Pocket barcode scanner with display, can become wearable scanner
3. RIOSCAN = BT/OTG barcode scanner for iOS / Android smartphone use

Finally, we also produce / provide different kind of barcode scanners, including handheld scanners, wireless barcode scanners, fixed-mount scanner, Omni-directional scanners, and so on.
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