Posmart Corporation was founded (almost 30 years ago) in 1989. In that time, we have cemented ourselves as one of the AutoID industry’s leading solutions provider in Taiwan. We have built this on a reputation of integrity, reliability and a level of professionalism to our services.

Under the brand of Advancode, Posmart Corportation is becoming an emergent enterprise in the industry of designing and manufacturing barcode solutions whilst also improving productivity to our clients satisfaction. Since its establishment in 2009, our portfolio of global partners has grown to span the continents of Asia, Europe, Oceania and South America. We consistently pushed the capabilities of our Q-Code range as dependable, high performance and intuitive solutions. We are able to effectively deploy them to a diverse set of applications including Point of Sale (POS), Logistics, Ticketing Management, Shipping, Manufacturing and Healthcare to name a few.

Amongst Posmarts sought after specialised services are consultation for OEM and Cable/Interface Manufacture. Having recently set up a new assembly house in Taiwan, our team can oversee every stage of the products’ development and construction to ensure the highest quality from the production line. This is in addition to another assembly house in Shenzen, China, to deal with high production demand.


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