CS Loxinfo Public Company Limited


We define our vision on IT services as a leader of comprehensive IT service providers for corporate organizations thanks to our advantage on the fact that we own ICT infrastructures including internet gateways, data centers, cloud computing, and network infrastructures of internet connections together with prompt availability of our professional engineer teams capable of collaborating with both our domestic and foreign business partners by not adhering to any one particular brand; therefore, we have been entrusted. With our extensive experiences for over 20 years, we have a very good understanding towards our customers. This is deemed an important aspect of our business operations, enabling us to design and develop our products and services that precisely respond to customers’ needs at a range of reasonable prices.

Website : https://www.csloxinfo.com
E-mail : vanitha@csloxinfo.net
Tel  : 02-263-8000 Ext 2029