(dIA) Dynamic Intelligence Asia Company Limited




(dIA) Dynamic Intelligence Asia: “We started with a small idea that technology should be available for everyone in a reasonable price and we drive our expertise in business strategy and Artificial Intelligence of Computer Vision to make a better living of tomorrow”.


What we do: We turn existing IP camera to smart sensors with Robot Process Automation (RPA)

We give retailers the state of art AI Computer Vision to turn their physical operations into digitalize. The AI will collect, measure and analyse what is happening in your store for business intelligence, marketing and sales opportunities. As well as our Smart Retail Smart Services AI product will work alongside with Sales/ shop assistant to provide personalization services to increase customer satisfaction.


Our principles, we focus on providing solutions and benefits to our customers in quality, performance, cost efficiency, ease of use and fully customization.


Our products range: AI Computer Vision, Face Recognition for Smart Office, Smart Retail and services, Vision Intelligence, Objects & process detection, Video Contents Analytic with Data analytical for business intelligence and business insights.


Reference of projects, segments and industries:

B2B: Retail, Services industry, Office operation, Energy, Oil&Gas, Manufacturing.



Website : https://www.dia.co.th
E-mail : admin@dia.co.th
Tel  : 0895208189