iCE Consulting Co., Ltd.
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iCE has over 24 years of experience in providing end-to-end Oracle ERP and Supply Chain implementation service with AMS to help smooth operation for many large enterprises and industries such as FSI (Bank, Insurance and Securities), Retail and Manufacturing.

We have expanded ourselves to provide more valued service to customers by adopting EPM and BI to extend the use of ERP and Supply Chain.

Recently, Cloud comes to play a major role globally, we are the the first partner to implement ERP cloud and EPM cloud in Thailand. Since then we built our own Thailand localization name iCE-Tax to serve cloud clients. We continually built iCE-uP to help clients to move their ERP on premise to Oracle ERP on Cloud. iCE-Bright is our next roadmap to move AMS service to a membership model.

In order to serve more Thai mid-size enterprises range, we also have dedicated team to provide service of Oracle Netsuite, which is first cloud ERP in the World.


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Thai Dot Com
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Thai dot com marketplace support for Thai software developers with infrastructure in Thailand that meet international standards. We have the will to make the software industry of the country to be strong and competitive, grow sustainably in the global software arena.

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Absolute Space Guard by Quikframe


Seamless Lightbox is Illuminated by high quality modular LED light.  The unit consumes few electricity and give a high brightness. The perfect combination of the fabric and lightbox give the bright and sharp yet feel soft and natural image in which is comfortable to eyes and increase perception rate.


Designed by the awarded QUIKFRAME R&D team, the frame can be installed by users.  LED color temperature of 6500K give the natural true color.  Corresponding to different business categories, 4 models are available:read more

Quikframe System Co.,Ltd.

Model : RAMAYANA By Quikframe

             -Rama Mini Cart

RAMA MINI CART is a foldable KIOSK. Modern

design With a variety of adjustable functions

suitable for your business. Small and Loving by


RAMA MINI CART has lightweight and full of

efficiency that helping to sell your products easier

Because we are experts in retails. Therefore, we can

be said “this is a foldable KIOSK that everyone has

been waiting for.”read more

SPT Vending Co.,Ltd.

SPT Vending Co.,Ltd.  was established in 2018 as importer, distributor and rental of vending machine. We provide production and design according to customer’s individual needs also after installation of vending machine, we constantly longed to follow up on technical support and maintenance. Moreover, we offer a huge variety of vending snacks, drinks, noodle cup in various areas including factories, schools, temple, offices, apartments and hotel with more than 700 machines in Thailand. Are you ready to start your own vending machine business with us… read more

AEC Enlist Co.,Ltd.

CiMSO, creator of INNkeeper, provides PMS hospitality software for hotels & resorts, restaurants, and businesses. With 518 installed servers in 14 countries and 73,971 PAX booked on the system each night, INNkeeper manages CDP, CRM, membership, communications, front office, rates, back office accounts, bookings and reservations, events, conferences, points of sale (PoS) for restaurants, bars and stores , golf clubs, SPA & wellness, timeshare & realty leasing, full accounting with stock more

Chon Solutions Co.,Ltd.


Model : Services F1


Services Management Platform

Improve your services to the best.

Services F1 Management Platform for help services team such as Service Technical or Services Engineer record their job activity and update job progress in real time.… read more