• Brid Systems Co.,Ltd. Stan No. L5

    PlanetOne ERP

    Sales Order System
    Purchase Order System
    Inventory Control System
    Accounts Receivable System
    Acccount Payable System
    General Ledger System
    Shop Floor Control
    Production Planning System
    Human Resources System
    Assets Management System
    Service Management System

  • Central Trading Co., Ltd. Stan No. L13

    Central Trading Co., Ltd.

  • Chaophayacomputech Co., Ltd Stan No. K12

    SENOR iSPOS195 (All in One Touch Screen)

    ชุดโปรโมชั่น SET POS TOUCH SCREEN
    (สำหรับร้านค้าปลีก และร้านอาหาร)
    - POS SENOR iSPOS195
    - CASH DRAWER GS3100
    - UPS iCON-800

  • Kingsmen C.M.T.I. Public Company Limited Stan No.

    Kingsmen C.M.T.I. PLC

    A communication design and production group in Asia Pacific.

    To serve exhibitions and events, thematic and museums, retail & corporate interiors and alternative marketing.

    Established in Thailand in 1989, Kingsmen C.M.T.I. PLC is a part of the Kingsmen Group’s network of 19 offices in 14 economies across Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

  • MC Plus Co.,Ltd. Stan No. H18

    Planet 5

    Folding table with powder-coated steel structure. Pure high-density polyethylene table top. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor commercial use. UV protection and water resistance. Esthetically and ergonomically design.

  • Mavice (Thai) Co., Ltd. Stan No. K19

    Mavice (Thai) Co., Ltd.

  • New Technology Hardware Ltd.,Part Stan No. K6

    SabuySoft SB4455 Plus (Scan Barcode)

    - ทนแรงกระแทก รองรับการตกจากที่สูงถึง 4 เมตร
    - แหล่งกำเนิดแสง Laser 650 nm.
    - มุม Scan ได้มากสุด 65 องศา
    - อัตราการ Scan 200 ครั้งต่อวินาที
    - USB Port

  • Quikframe Systems Co.,Ltd. Stan No. H28

    Quikframe Systems Co.,Ltd.