What are Buyers looking for in new retail products/technology?

What are Buyers looking for in new retail products/technology?

The retail sector in Thailand and ASEAN region is enjoying rapid growth since the reopening of country markets. We believe orders from flowing into the local and global manufacturers/suppliers for the last six months for new retail products and the latest technology to cope with buyer demands.
Needless to say, Thailand and regional retail market from large to small scale, is projected to continue enjoying its growth over the next few years when million of square meters of new shopping malls are added, and hundreds of retail shops are open.

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Who will you see in ASEAN Retail 2023?

Based on our 2022 post-show questionnaire/statistics, visitors/buyers come from all sectors of retail business, both Thailand and internationals. Also, they have identified products/technology/services they are looking to serve their business expansion plan and replace their old products/technology with new ones.

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